Welcome to the Domains of Dread!

Contained within these files are tales of the brave souls who would seek to shed light upon a world of shadow whether by choice or by necessity. Compiled over the span of 19 years by the secret society known only as the Keepers of the Vault, herein these files are kept secure from harm and hidden from all save those who would utilize this forbidden lore to combat the powers of darkness.

Let the faint of heart be warned. Seek no further the knowledge found within these pages lest one be sound in mind and confident in purpose. For beyond these walls lies a world of mysterious beauty and the disturbingly bizarre, of desperate hopes and devastating tragedy, of tormenting terror and mind-rending madness. Here, in this realm of the macabre, thrives only those things that go bump in the night.

Mark well the words, “Woe unto thee ye who enter here”, and enter if you dare.

The Ravenloft Files

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